Musk Farm aim to deliver a beautiful experiential stay to guests and visitor alike. Our most commonly asked questions have been answered here but you can always reach out to ask us for more information. .

Can we bring our dog to Musk farm?

For your pets safety no. We can’t allow your any pets on our property. We use fertilisers like blood & bone or manure, which dogs find irresistible and can’t help but roll in. We also use strong pesticides and chemicals to treat our plants. With over 200 rare and hard to find plant specimens on our property and daily maintenance by our horticulturalist team, we need to ensure we are on top of our garden. This rule applies year round for all events, functions, accommodated guests and day visitors. We have one resident dog, who we struggle to keep up with as is but if you’re searching for great locations your four legged friends are welcome, click here for some great local options.


mobile reception & wifi?

Mobile reception is generally quite good in Daylesford and Musk but internet can cut in and out. Musk Farm Studio has fairly stable phone reception and its own wifi to ensure guests have all their creature comforts.


is there Parking at Musk Farm?

Aside from limited parking for guests booked to stay at Musk Farm Studio, there is limited street parking available. To be considerate of neighbours, we try to ensure this is clear, especially during events we host. Musk Farm has a small train station, this on the Daylesford Country Railway line and the stop for Musk Farm is only a few doors down from the main gates. If guests have time, it is a really wonderful way to see how beautiful Musk and Daylesford area is and we highly recommend this as a mode of transport. We have also welcomed bike riders to Musk Farm and would like to note for any motorcyclists that off street parking is on unmade surfaces.