When visiting Musk Farm, or planning an event to take place on our grounds, you may have expectations of the garden to be green or constantly in flower. The garden is in a constant state of change, its appearance shifts seasonally and as the property is so large, different parts of the garden bloom in varying colours and quantities of the year. To help you pick your preferred season to visit, please view the slide shows below. We offer live stories and seasonally relevant photo content on our Instagram.

While offering Open Garden Tours, Musk Studio accommodation and space hire for private or ticketed events, Musk Farm is constantly aware of its gardens needs. With a horticulturalist directing care, landscapers can be seen on site daily planning, planting and protecting our incredible garden and its beautiful legacy. Winter sees the challenge of frost, and summer the risks of dry heat. Prioritising and considering care for all plantings year round is a full time occupation. Please note, our property is not suitable for pets as quite often, there are chemicals and fertilisers that may be harmful should your pet come in contact with these. Additionally, we love our property but cannot sacrifice its design to offer an abundance of parking to visitors or guests. If you wish to learn about the tourism train line which runs right behind Musk Farm, please visit our Things to do page.

Spring garden photo gallery

Musk farm rapidly moves through mass plantings of blooms.

The Rhododendron Garden begins to bounce colour through the spring and summer, this area is shaded and cool with relief offered by the well known cedar tree.

The Woodlands area surrounding the Chinese pavilion in Spring is stage-by-stage series of mass plantings of Daffodils, liriope and hyacinths. The daffodils flower for only the shortest period of time, making their appearance somewhat harder to predict and very special should a visit to musk farm be timed correctly.

The Chestnut Lawn garden begins to green rapidly, as the chestnut trees themselves gain vibrant green leaves in preparation for a very full set of branches for summer, and of course chestnuts. The Chestnut law is one of our frequently booked event spaces.

These photos were captured in November.


Winter garden photo gallery

Landscape architectural design of Musk Farm is easily to observe in winter. The garden’s hedges and some varieties of ground cover remain green while the deciduous trees and shrubs strip back to show different views through the garden rooms. Morning light can provide incredible photographic opportunities particularly for those after softer shadows or for anyone interested in capturing the frost before it recedes. Nooks created by hardscaping throughout the property and wind shelter from the hedge plantings offer opportunity for planting care and planning for us.

We still run our tours though, less frequently throughout winter, as any beautiful garden in Daylesford or Musk should.

Winter can bring frosts to the morning air, which makes it the best time for guests to utilise the fireplace inside Musk Studio.

Events are best planned with marquee space in mind and during the late morning and afternoon.


Summer Garden Photo Gallery


Summer showcases a transition of spring flowers and extends this beauty changeably in to the first month of autumn before the foliage change that autumn brings is apparent.

The Chestnut lawn, Woodlands and Rhododendron garden rooms offer microclimates you can feel a temperate difference in whilst the Pembroke garden space adjoining the tank garden remains colourful and relatively shaded. The tank garden’s newly planted trees will soon offer a very vibrant frame of green shade.

The macedon ranges prove to be heat-challenged frequently in the peak of summer. With continuous days of drought, the weather can be unforgiving. Our garden is never neglected, though it faces the forces of nature with scolding sunlight and many days in high heat. Our horticulturalist and landscapers are on top of the care program they run for the property.



Autumn Garden Photo Gallery


Musk Farm welcomes autumn with the most classic and dreamy autumn colours. The first telltale of true autumn shows in the Acer Freemanii, the lipstick maples that become a row of feature plantings at the oval perimeter early in the season.

Come mid-autumn the English Oak tree in the woodlands features a beautiful glow of orange leaves in its canopy, changing the visual focus this space carries through other seasons which usually emanates colour from the ground cover and understory plantings.

The woodlands become warmer in colour as the months cool, the oval is rested after the brutal summer heat sometimes reaching 40 degrees and the Chestnut Lawn begins to reach its high-maintenance season as the trees drop ready-to-cook chestnuts. The rhododendron garden is no longer in flower, but holds its own mood as do the plantings patterned around the brick paving to the potting shed. The reduced foliage surrounding and framing the grounds of the tank garden reveal a more structured and intentional view through a singular space in to the landscape planning of the rooms overlooking and meeting at its framed boundaries.